Our History

Edenbridge was founded in 2016 by Stephen Gordon, a Boston-area geriatrician with an MBA who was inspired by his experience serving elders through PACE. Stephen recruited Alan Abrams, a leader in geriatrics and physician education, as chief medical officer.

Stephen and Alan created an all-star team to build Edenbridge. Tom Reiter, with 18 years’ experience running PACE programs, helped build our first several programs, and Brian McKaig, a veteran PACE operator, is our senior vice president of program launches.

Edenbridge was co-founded by Jeremy Elkins, a professor of political philosophy, and Simon Laganiere, a neurologist with specialization in cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

How Did Edenbridge Get Its Name?

Edenbridge was the name of a small Jewish farming community in Saskatchewan, Canada, where the grandfather of our founder and CEO, Stephen Gordon, was born. For us, the name represents connection to community and to our elders.