Edenbridge in Action

Edenbridge provides expertise in the development and management of PACE programs, partners with existing for-profit and non-profit providers, and focuses intently on community partnerships.

  1. Edenbridge is the program manager for Cherry Blossom in northern Virginia, a PACE center that opened in late 2021. Cherry Blossom is owned by ConcertoCare. Capital Caring, which specializes in hospice and home care, also provides services to the program.
  2. Edenbridge has also helped to develop a second ConcertoCare-owned center that is scheduled to open in mid-2022 in California. The center will provide services in an underserved community in South Los Angeles.
  3. Edenbridge was selected to open a third center in Washington D.C., following a highly competitive application process. Our strong community partnerships in this region set us apart from other applicants. Edenbridge PACE at Skyland is scheduled to open in the third quarter of 2022. Element Care, a nonprofit organization that operates several PACE programs in Massachusetts, is our lead partner.
  4. Edenbridge, in a coalition with healthcare and aging service providers and with community advocates, leaders and organizations, was selected by the Maryland Department of Health to proceed to the next step in bringing the first PACE program to West Baltimore. The West Baltimore PACE Community Coalition also includes Element CareKeswick, and Catholic Charities.
  5. In 2023, we plan to open a fourth center, also in partnership with Element Care, in our home city of Boston. We are collaborating there with 2Life Communities, a prominent non-profit operator of elder housing.