Creating Lives Worth Living...

Restoring Meaning

Our model is designed to make sure every participant has a reason to wake up in the morning -- regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

Connecting with our Communities

Our centers will be launched where they are most needed, and deeply integrated into their communities from the very beginning.

Tackling Loneliness

We believe loneliness among elderly people is a major contributor to physical and cognitive decline, and is among the most addressable problems in elder care.  


...and Providing the Care That Matters

Defragmenting Care

Our model is designed to elegantly weave together the elements of the current system needed to keep frail elderly people living in the community.

Reducing Unwanted Medical Care

We seek to deliver thoughtful, appropriate, and highly personalized care, making sure that in the end we do exactly -- and only -- what our patients want.

Defending Patient Autonomy

We believe that only our participants and their trusted surrogates can say what is best for them; everyone else is just an advisor.