The Edenbridge MODEL

 Our care model is built around 6 core principles

1. We prioritize autonomy.
Frail seniors deserve the dignity of respect for their choices, large or small, with personalized care plans that align with their values and desires.

2. We value lives meaningfully lived.
We focus not just on the number of days people are alive, but on the number of days they are glad to be alive. We strive to provide more of what matters.

3. We support de-medicalization.
We recognize that too much medical care is no better than too little, and that medicine is the easy answer, not always the right answer.  

4. We plant deep roots in the community.
We partner with those who know and are invested in their communities, bringing our expertise and leveraging their knowledge, services, and support.

5. We employ technology thoughtfully.
Technology can enhance what we do for patients, families, and care teams—but it can never replace the human element.

6. We focus on positive variance.
We aim to recognize, understand, and replicate a person’s best days, rather than simply reacting to their worst.


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